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  • Exploring the outdoors and learning new cultures is our passion.
  • Biking is the way we like to travel ourselves. So it's not strange that after a while we found ourselves organizing Portugal bicycle tours. After exploring the world, we felt like sharing with you what we know best: Our Cycle tours cover the Alentejo and Algarve, the regions with more than 300 days of sun a year which make for almost half of Portugal.
  • Our company was founded in 1990 and we have been organizing bike tours ever since!
  • We will help you stay safe while riding your bike and immersing yourself in the everyday life of our culture, traditions, arts and crafts and history, the history of the oldest country in Europe.
  • We realize that each person is an individual and therefore we have designed Bike Tours to accommodate cyclists who have different goals and levels of fitness.
  • Travel, relax and enjoy. All is taken care of. From luggage transfer to great meals, visits to places you would not find by yourself and satisfy your special requests, all will be available at the right time… it’s magic!
  • You can rely on our famous gourmet luxury picnics, the internationally awarded Alentejo wine and the surprising gastronomy to keep your palate happy.


  The best of our portugal bicycle tours is our guides. Come and meet them and see for yourself!


Ana Barbosa
Ana Barbosa, consultant and partner
Ana is our “brain”, and the mother of the company. She is an expert on the Alentejo and a real ambassadress of our beautiful region. Ana wrote several travel guide books about the region and knows every hidden church, artisan or village. She can draw the perfect tour sitting on her desk. Ana loves travelling and trekking is her favorite sport. She has trekked in Portugal, in the Himalayas and in Peru, to mention some. 
Pedro Vilas Boas

Pedro Vilas Boas, founder

Pedro is our “Guru”. He is a true adventurer and he taught us the wonders of discovering the world and going off the beaten track. Pedro has done several expeditions in África on a jeep, descended several rivers on a kayak, and climbed the Island Peak in the Himalayas. His wish for is 70th anniversary was to spend it climbing the Aconcágua in Argentina, and there he went! The weather was too bad so Pedro had to turn back but, next year, he wants to go again.   

Teresa Vilas Boas
Teresa Vilas Boas, general manager and guide

Teresa is the soul of Turaventur and Monte do Serrado de Baixo. The first adventure she recalls was trekking after her father on a single trek in the mountain of Gerês, when she was 5 yo. She begged him to give her some money to get a taxi to go home to mum, but never stopped loving the outdoors since then. She has practiced several outdoor sports and loves to discover other countries by bike. She travelled for two years in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Laos, India and Nepal and then she finally came to Turaventur and started our Portugal bicycle tours.

With an endless energy, she will guide a cycling tour as well as a canoeing trip, she will set up an original outdoor event for a company or invent a delicious new cake for the breakfast of our guest house. She is super versatile and has managed all the work of Turaventur for the last 10 years.

Maria José Verdasca
Maria José Verdasca, hotel manager, back office and guide
Maria is, as we say in Portuguese, part of the furniture. She’s been in Turaventur almost since the beginning, in 1990. She loves cycling and, when she’s out of the office she shows her best. Maria is a true “Alentejana” (person from the Alentejo) and very proud of it. You will truly appreciate to be guided by her as she is super attentive, very kind and good fun. She is also in charge of our guest house, Monte do Serrado de Baixo, where she welcomes our guests as family.
our happy guides

Joana Machado, back office and guide

Joana is the dream girl of any company! Office work, shopping for picnics, doing a transfer, guiding a group, riding a bike, dealing with a last minute problem? She is there for it! She doesn't know the phrase "it's not possible". You will most probably meet her at least by email. She loves history and cultural travelling and she started cycling with us and found out a new favorite activity!

Portugal best cycling guides

Manuela Estevinha, accounts and guide

Manuela is our money-girl! She's the person you will talk to whenever you have questions about what's the best way to transfer your money to Portugal, invoicing, etc. Sounds boring, and it is, so we chose a really nice person to do it! But she is actually a really emocional and social person and she is so nice that we couldn't resist to put her in a closer contact with our clients. So you may find her at our farm serving a dinner or doing a cooking class, or even guiding a wine Tour.

Service minded guides

Mário Pinto, guide and back office

Mário is our latest member and got integrated really fast. He is an ecologist and loves trail running competitions. He has his own vegetable garden and loves to be outdoor. He is a great bike guide, very friendly and caring. You will meet him if you book a guided Tour.

We got you!

Jorge Canhão, guide

Jorge is an independent man and so he doesn't work with us full time. But he shows up in the office every week, so we think he loves us anyway! He keeps coming up with new ideas and suggestions and is one of those always happy persons. He guides bike tours and loves cycling, history and politics.



  • Since 1994, we have been producing activity and travel guides to help you discovering the wonders of our Alentejo region.
  • In 2007, we opened up our guesthouse Monte do Serrado de Baixo, a beautifully restored traditional farmhouse located in a natural paradise, and only 8 kms from the World Heritage Site of Évora.
  • You can expect personalized treatment and passionate guides with high knowledge of the region’s culture and heritage.
  • Tourism of Portugal License: RNAAT. 17/2002, RNAVT 3409 and RNET 597
  • Member of APECATE (Portuguese Association of Companies Organising Congresses, Activity Tourism and Events) www.apecate.pt
    Member of ARPT (Regional agency of touristic promotion of the Alentejo) www.visitalentejo.pt
  • Member of NATURAL.PT, a trusted brand National and Internationally recognized as a symbol of quality and excellence and supporting the development of locally based companies, with a great focus on the biodiversity and culture of Portugal.

Over 15 titles that we have either authored or co-authored, including the following: 
  • Viagens na Nossa Terra (Journeys in Portugal), publ. Reader’s Digest
  • Cinco Olhares (Five Views), publ. RTs do Alentejo
  • Percursos de Natureza no Norte Alentejano (Nature Excursions in the Alentejan North), publ. RT de S. Mamede
  • Guia Turístico da Planície Dourada (Tourist Guide to the Golden Plain), publ. RT da Planície Dourada
  • Passeios entre o Xisto e o Mármore (Excursions Among Schist and Marble), publ RT Évora
  • 30 Dias no Norte Alentejano – Guia de Sugestões (30 days in the Alentejan North – Suggestions for your Visit), publ. RT de S. Mamede
  • O Melhor do Alentejo (The Best of Alentejo), publ. Turismo do Alentejo
  • From Farm to Table, publ. Turismo do Alentejo

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