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happy people in cycling holidays in Portugal


  • Algarve's picturesque and lively historical centers
  • Cycling holidays in Portugal through incredible and wild scenery on the coast of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina NP
  • Backwaters and salt mines of Ria Formosa
  • Visit to organic farm and to local pastry factory
  • Tasty picnics served at the beach or at local restaurants
  • Very nice hotels, including a night in a convent







This medium level cycling tour begins where our Along the Coast tour finishes. You can complement your cycling holiday by doing the two bike tours together. You can also do a walking tour to get to starting point.
We start cycling in a wild rugged area of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina NP, on the west coast. Then, we cycle along the popular south coast, the true Algarve, including very picturesque spots closer to the Spanish border!
Our days have lots of variety with visits to places such as the Fisherman’s museum, the cape of Sagres and several fortresses. The Portuguese Sea Discoveries of the 15th century are always present.
Besides cycling and enjoying the amazing scenery, we invite you also to learn about the local economy. A visit to an organic farm where fruit in grown and transformed in jams, chutneys, cakes and chocolates is one of the learning highlights. The salines visit another one and, to a sweet end, a visit to a pastry factory where you will have the chance to make some cakes and taste (cooking on guided tours only)!
The beaches are beautiful, on the first days with fun waves and impressive steep cliffs on the background while the last days offer us quiet and crystal blue waters.  You will find out that even in the more touristy Algarve areas there are still hidden away empty beaches.
Though the Algarve is apparently flat, there are several short ups and downs along the day, so you should be fit enough to handle the hills.
In the 6th day there is a transfer by train or van to avoid the more busy area of the Algarve.
The hotels are all nice  and with swimming pool, (except  for the first one), though we hope you don’t have much time to spend there! There are a couple of Pousadas included and a old hamlet, time forgot, transformed in to one of a kind hamlet/hotel tourism project.
The Algarve usually is a bit warmer than the rest of the country in autumn and spring, so you may end up having a swim in late October or early April! Algarve bike tours can be done all year round!

You can make this trip:

  1. with us in a guided tour getting all the interpretation and companionship
  2. with us, having the support car guiding you
  3. with friends in a self guided tour.

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