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challenging bike tours - ever tried to fly?


  • Very active and challenging days - hard level bike tour
  • Ever changing landscape: cork oak forests, rice fields, sand dunes, high cliffs, white sandy beaches and coves to explore.
  • A gastronomical paradise for the palate. The wines, the food, the sweets…
  • Tasty picnics served at the beach or at local restaurants
  • Algarve's picturesque and lively historical centers
  • Cycling through incredible and wild scenery on the coast of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina NP
  • Very nice hotels, including a night in a convent








Are you fit?

Do you like riding and enjoy climbing?

Looking for a hard level bike tour?

If so this is the tour for you!

If not, choose one of our easier tours.

This 8 day Cycle ride will take you through some of the most wild and beautiful Portuguese landscapes between pristine natural parks and the cool blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, taking some easy dirt roads occasionally. THis is our most challenging bike tour.
Experience the irresistible Portuguese gastronomy with awarded Alentejo wines and enjoy a picnic, in the sands of secluded beaches…there is nothing quite like it!

Learn and live the traditions and culture of our heartwarming people so simple and true and know our ways about olive oil, cork extraction and its many uses, rice fields, pine forests, the dictatorship and many other intriguing historical facts.

Safe routes with a challenge here and there will make for a relaxing and fun ride while you live the present, learn the past and discover the future of one of the oldest and sunniest country in Europe.
Sleep in an array of historical buildings, charm hotels and agro-tourisms.

You can make this trip:

  1. with us in a guided tour getting all the interpretation and companionship
  2. with us, having the support car guiding you
  3. with friends in a self guided tour.

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